4 comments on “Würzburg, Germany: Afghani-Muslim Terrorist Goes on “Rampage Axe Attack” Injuring Many Passengers on Train

    • re: rjnvpn;

      We read and hear that same line in almost EVERY terrorist attack; ‘..We are trying to find the motive..’

      If they simply pulled their heads out of their arses..and removed their blindfolds, they could CLEARLY see the motive.

      So, in an effort to assist ALL leaders around the world.. we have simplified this very complicated algorithm:

      1. Ask yourself, Is the perpetrator(‘s) Muslim?

      2. Ask yourself, Does the perpetrator(‘s) practice Islam?

      NOTE: If the answer to 1 (or) More of those questions is in the AFFIRMATIVE (ie.) “YES”… well, there ya’ go,

      That’s the Motive.

      Ahavah and Shalom to you and your’s rjn.

      jsm @ sharia unveiled


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