2 comments on “Reutlingen, Germany: Muslim Refugee From Syria Hacks a Pregnant Polish/German Woman to Death With Machete, Injures 2 Others

  1. most of the reports of this that I read left out the detail of the murdered woman being pregnant….and thus omitted that life from the death toll.
    I found that sickening.


    • re: Artist;

      Hello darling.

      Yes, I noticed the same fact..and I find this to very upsetting as well.

      Although, you notice.. ‘we’ ALWAYS report the entire truth.. never omitting this TRUTH:

      TWO beautiful human beings were MURDERED by this MUZSWINE POS!

      The Mother and her baby in the womb.

      Both lives..of equal value.. as ALL HUMAN LIVES ARE!

      Thank you Wendy for pointing this out…

      Ahavah and Shalom to you and your’s…

      – jaedon @ sharia unveiled


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