9 comments on “The Nazi Doctor That Saved the Life of a Jewish Soldier

    • re: Tar Baby;


      I would completely disagree that it’s ‘..mean-spirited..to refer to the doctor as a Nazi..’

      First of all, this is a first hand account of the Jewish soldier in the story..not a “he said, she said” accounting.

      Secondly, you should know that it was “mandatory” at this time for ALL Germans to be “Members” of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or NSDAP). — Even ALL German Children were required to be members of the “Hitler Youth.” – The boys and girls each had their own groups.

      This was not “optional” but rather, mandatory.

      And lastly, think what you are saying Tar…

      The story (experienced and written by a Jew) is placing this Nazi Doctor in a very good light. Crediting him for saving this Jewish Soldier’s life TWICE!

      Did you catch that? First, the Doctor saved his life by amputating his leg..preventing him from dying immediately or soon thereafter.

      And the doctor AGAIN saved his life by removing his dog tags that denoted he was a Jew.

      Do you see the risk that this Nazi Doctor took?

      First, this doctor was treating an “enemy soldier” from the Allied Forces. – On top of that, he was treating a JEWISH Soldier from the enemy side. And even after taking that risk on himself, he protected that Jewish Soldier from the Concentration Camps by throwing away his dog tags.

      That Doctor would have been put to death by his own party for TREASON against the ReichStag.

      But, he risked his life for that of another.

      Honestly, I cannot believe “you” cannot see that.

      Personally, I think it’s a BEAUTIFUL STORY.. illustrating one man’s humanity for that of another.

      You must be able to see that..TB.

      You do know right.. Oscar Schindler was a Member of the Nazi Party..and he saved hundreds, perhaps thousands of Jews from the Concentration Camps. (ref: Schindler’s List) Have you seen that movie or read that book?

      Did ‘you’ know.. Oscar Schindler..a Nazi.. is buried in Israel?

      Did you know there is a monument to him in Israel, as well?

      He is loved and adored by the Jewish people, as are MANY other Nazis that risked their lives to hide Jewish people during WWII.

      Did you know there are other “Nazis” buried in Israel, as well?

      Don’t be offended, my friend..

      This story is NOT meant to disrespect anyone, but rather, the opposite.


      jsm @ sharia unveiled

      p.s. I could tell you and show you so much more.. unfortunately, that would require “me” revealing “personal” aspects from “my life” and I cannot do so..at this juncture.


      • I’ve never seen as much “revisionism,” as in your reply. Of course it’s a heart-warming story. Do you think I’m a soulless muzzie? The statement that “[membership in the Nazi Party was] “mandatory”… for all Germans,” is a vicious canard. Less than 10% of German citizens were members of the party. Absolutely NONE of the members of the Hitler Youth were members of the party, as you imply, because children (just adults) could not join. As to “Schindler’s List,” I’ve never seen it and probably never will, although I watched most of the trailer for the film. When I watch propaganda, with which that film overflowed, I do it for a specific reason, which is to try to get inside the mind of the propagandist. I have no such desire to get inside Stephen Spielberg’s mind.


      • Personally I would have referred to the doctor as a ‘German’ rather than Nazi although, as you write, it was mandatory for everyone at that level to be a member of the Nazi Party. But as events tell us, there were many card-carrying Nazis who were only saving their own hide by appearing to be loyal members. We mustn’t forget that in the early ’30s only 7% of Germans supported Hitler.


      • re: f/j;

        Absolutely. Although…

        ..I’m quite sure “you” understand; The entire premise for the story is based upon the FACT that the “German Doctor” was a Nazi and the Soldier was a “Jew.”

        To ‘only’ call the Doctor a “German Doctor” does not convey the complete story.

        “German Doctors” (Non-Nazi) prior to WWII and since, have done surgeries on Jews all the time..and the irony of the dichotomy is lost by being completely averted.

        The beauty of the moral is in the fact that he was a German (Nazi) Doctor.. and he chose to rise above that “man-made label” and do the right thing for another human being, whom was also “labeled” his enemy..and again, by man.

        The love of humanity transcended above and beyond the hatred of man on earth..

        Ahavah and Shalom.

        jsm @ sharia unveiled


      • Yes, well, I still think that we’d gather he was a Nazi just from the context of the story without the ‘enhancement’ of the loaded term, Nazi. But, it’s just a matter of individual taste, each to their own.


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