5 comments on “Muslim Terrorists Slit the Throat of an 84-Year-old Catholic Priest During Mass in France

  1. Good LORD!!! Meanwhile, authorities give mealy-mouthed responses such as “We must fight this war by all means, while respecting the rule of law — what makes us a democracy.” How’s that “respecting the rule of law” working out for you so far???



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  3. Hollande is utterly worse-than-useless as a leader, like MObama, Clinton, Merkel, Trudeau, Turnbull, May, etc. Moslems have smelled the blood in the water and they’re going for it. At the moment, they seem to be mostly going for the symbols of Western Civilization, but we’re next.


    • re: Pray Hard;

      Very true. And I am sure you notice that all of these “Cookie-cutter” leftist, liberals are all in office at the same time. And just when they are needed by the Muslims, to allow for the spread of Islam. Bringing about the establishment of the Khilafah in the West…

      This is no ‘accident’ nor ‘coincidence.’

      I expect that it will continue in this direction. Unfortunately, the Honorable PM Stephen Harper was replaced by a Muslim. Just as Pres. Bush was. It truly saddens me to think of the Honorable PM Benjamin Netanyahu being out of office..and even more so, when I consider “who” could follow. Such as an “Obama-esque” ‘leftist-liberal’ implant that would hand Israel over to the Muslims.

      The same can be said for Russia and others…

      We need strong leaders today and in the future, around the world.

      “WE” need to stop praying for G-d to ‘..bless our Nations..’

      As a nation, do “we” bless G-d?

      Imagine ‘you’ are in G’d’s position..looking down at us. – Are “we” as a nation living according to the Law of G-d? (ie) the 613 Commandments?

      He sees us murdering his ‘..least of these..’ in the wombs of their mother’s. – G-d creates those precious little beings..sends them to us..and ‘we’ send them back in pieces..

      G-d sees our ‘Modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah.’

      There are many things I am uncertain of.. but, there are many I am not.

      And one of those being…

      Our Lord thy G-d will not be mocked.

      Ahavah and Shalom.

      jsm @ sharia unveiled


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