9 comments on “Denmark to Consider Proposal Banning All Muslims From Entering the Country

  1. Now this is the first european country to finally catch a wake up and make a clever suggestion. Hopefully other european countries will follow this example before europe is lost!

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      • re: Jack Thomas;

        I would have to concur with you, Jack.

        I am dumbfounded as to how the citizens in almost every Western nation can just sit back and watch their girls and women being raped, terrorist attacks on a weekly basis and their country being stolen..

        ..And not do a damn thing to stop it.

        One would think (hypothetically speaking) that.. “certain places” would be burning..and “certain bodies” piling up..each and every time there was a terrorist attack, a child raped, etc. etc.

        If done so, at a 10:1 ratio.. eventually, the pendulum would begin to reverse course…

        But nothing..

        I find it hard to have empathy for a nation of apathetic people, who are too lazy to fight for the rights that were secured by the bloodshed of their ancestors…

        Ahavah and Shalom to you.

        jsm @ sharia unveiled


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  3. Hi all. We can only hope they manage to carry this through because they will face a lot of aggression from the left wing politcians and citizens who for some unknown but sinister reason seem to love Muslims, their ‘ peaceful’ religion ( even if their books and history contradict this, no problem?) and culture whilst hating Christiantiy .
    No it does not make sense to us, but seemingly to them.

    Look how that young artist Dan has been treated in Denmark.

    I think we are living in the prophecied times of lawlessness and of many coming under a delusion, being blinded.

    Dear Heavenly Father help us.


    • It is the stated goal of the cult of islam (No Caps; it’s a cult, not a religion) to either convert every non-believer to islam, or kill them. How can any civilization pretend that these savages are welcome, and let them into their nations, homes, and businesses? It truly defies fact, logic, and reason, which is a very good definition of insanity. The people responsible for the truly insane political action of multiculturalism are those on the left, who believe that what they actually see, hear, and experience is not real, or will change, despite knowing that for more than one thousand years, the savage cult of islam has always been precisely the same; a murderous, violent, depraved cult of death for any non-believer. Europe has witnessed several assaults by this cult since its inception, causing untold millions of deaths. Yet, still, they welcome these violent savages into their countries, as we, here in the USA are doing. The politicians, who are so blinded by their ideological gods of diversity, equality, and multiculturalism, are all leftist socialists, who would sooner see the people and nations that they are pledged to defend and support, surrender to the savages, and join them in their depravity, rather than witness their ideological gods dissolve. That is an insane sickness, which only voters can cure by throwing leftist/socialists out of office via the vote, despite all of the lies, obfuscations, and omissions by the media in support of their shared socialist gods. To enlighten and arouse enough voters to accomplish this is a near impossibility.


      • re: Jack Thomas;

        That’s a very accurate contention.

        I was amazed at just how many Socialists there are in America today, evidenced by the large number of supporters Bernie Sanders garnished.

        I believe he is laying the foundation for a younger, more vibrant and charismatic protege’ to follow in his footsteps, in the near future.

        And to think..the American electorate has been so dumbed-down, as to vote for a political party that brought us Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler.

        It appears that generations of brain-washing, desensitizing and conditioning our youth in the public school system and universities is beginning to pay-off for the ‘Future Nazi Party of America.’

        As I’m sure you know.. the NAZI Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei NSDAP) translated: National Socialist German Workers’ Party was\is the very same brand of Socialism that B. Sanders sought to advance…

        And I thought to myself.. ‘..how could his supporters be so ignorant as to not know this?..’

        Then, upon further investigation I learned, they do know this and that’s precisely what they want.

        What ignorant, stupid fools.

        Only a truly stupid group of individuals could see a system fail miserably in nation after nation around the world.. leaving only a path of death and destruction for their own people, under that system..and wish that system upon themselves, somehow thinking it will work for them.

        That’s true ignorance and depravity…

        Personally, I have given up on the American Electorial/Political Process…

        My faith and hope is in G-d and the Coming Messiah…

        Ahavah and Shalom.

        jsm @ sharia unveiled


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