9 comments on “Germany: Afghani Muslim Refugee Rapes a 4-Year-old Boy Inside Asylum Center

  1. Guy needs to have his little DICK cut off and forced to watch while its cut! NO pain killers or anestheia. And when its cut off they need to stick it up HIS ASS and duct tape him GOOD!


  2. Those who sexually assault others, especially children should be castrated and hanged in town square by a court of law.


    • re: paleodrone;

      Hi Colleen.

      Yes, I know what you mean by.. ‘..hard to check the email..’ but, we owe our attention to the plight of the victim and the knowledge and wisdom gained is priceless..

      You are very welcome.. and thank you for reading ‘sharia unveiled.’

      Ahavah and Shalom always..to you and your loved ones.

      jsm @ sharia unveiled


  3. and they are suppose to be the best of all mankind, may GOD have a mercy on us the kuffar, for if this is the best of all mankind, may GOD save us from the worse


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  5. I will not insult a beast, by calling child raping devil man a beast. That evil creature must be castrated, quartered and buried in pig skin.
    A man or a woman who rapes an infant, a baby or a little kid deserves no mercy. And I mean it, idiotic preference for those bastards be damned. A savage demon man or woman who shows no mercy deserves none.
    I foresee that aboriginal kids and Inuit kids would be raped by those filthy third world devil bastards.


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