7 comments on “Nine Iraqi Immigrants Arrested for Gang-Raping a German Woman During Brutal 4-Hour Assault in Austria

  1. Why not put the rapist in Prison – after they served out their sentences, after a public trail – then deport the old scum back to the Hell they came from.
    – old saying is: ” you do the crime – you do the time ” DNA & Video evidence is pretty solid of a case.


  2. I was a Muslim and embarrassed and had a guilty feeling that I was following a death cult. But abandoning that cult means death. Fortunately through a friend I came to overcome my dilemma by adapting the Sanatana way of life. I didn’t change my name, customs, etc. and began living a civilized life. For those who want to follow me see http://ilovesanatanadharma.blogspot.in/


    • re: Sheikh Ali;

      Assalam alaikum, Sheikh Ali.

      Congratulations on your transition. You are to be commended for the risk you endure for spiritual freedom.

      Thank you for sharing your message of hope with us.

      I want you to know that we are here for you.

      Please keep in touch with us brother…

      Ahavah and shalom to you always..

      jsm @ sharia unveiled


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