6 comments on “Rise of the Fourth Reich: German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel Calls for the ‘..Round-up and Imprisonment of German Citizens who Object to Muslim Immigration..’ (Video)

  1. The disconnect with this World of these people who have proclaimed somebody’s Word is rather confusing when they Hate Who they are, and what they pretend to represent as a TRUTH??

    They will Kneel down when confronted with the REAL TRUTH as His Father Told in the Past.
    Beware My Son is EVIL!


  2. “Don’t leave us alone with GermanS?” He’s under the impression that moslems will protect him from “low life trash” …
    He’s the low life trash.
    Oh, well, the good news is that moslems will slaughter his type first.


  3. Europe is doomed so glad we had the bottle to leave it, we now need the German people to do the same , come on Germany find your pride an leave become the great nation you once were.


    • re: David Shepherd;

      You make an interesting point..

      Had our ancestors not left Europe.. “we” would be there now…

      That’s a scary thought..

      Although, I can tell you a truth that is even more scary..

      The day will come, in the not so distant future of America..where ‘we’ will wish we could escape from here..and won’t be able to.

      We will be ‘locked in.’

      And it will be much worse here, at that time.. then, what Europe is today.

      Your thoughts?

      Ahavah and Shalom.

      jsm @ sharia unveiled


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