6 comments on “German Interior Ministry Report: All Citizens Need to Immediately Stockpile Food, Water and Emergency Supplies for ‘..Major, Wide Scale Attack That Could Threaten Our Existence..’

  1. Would it not be infinitely easier and safer if they stopped all Muslims/immigrants etc from flooding into their country and also deported the rest when safe for them to return to whence they came?


    • re: Stuart;

      Easy there, Stuart. You are “thinking” and “using common sense.”

      You know that’s not allowed when dealing with Islam/Muslims.

      Ahavah and Shalom to you and your family.

      jsm @ sharia unveiled


  2. the religion of peace is at it once again and the response by others is defensive measures indicating the religion of peace is a pysop. time to send the infidel muslims back a few thousand years in crusades number two. bye bye muslims – you’re gonna get your butts handed to you with your head on a plate too.


  3. Nothing to do with Islam of course. So it must be a natural disaster, maybe one of those major earthquakes that Germany suffers from so frequently. Maybe they are expecting an invasion from outer space I wonder maybe the Americans upset the citizens of the Moon when they landed there or maybe it is the Martians who are retalitating against the spacecraft that we have been sending their way.
    You never know!!


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