3 comments on “Germany Considers Bringing Back Compulsory National Service

  1. So they created the security threat. Now they need to draft in order to fix the problem they created. Is this to be able to train the immigrants and arm them?


    • re: CBO;

      The ‘last’ sentence of your contention is an amazing thought.

      That’s exactly how we all should be thinking…

      Examining closely at the ‘micro’ level..putting the pieces of the puzzle together..then, stepping back and looking at the big picture at the ‘macro’ level.

      I believe this is all by design.. and by ‘all’ I do mean ‘all.’

      Have you noticed that ‘almost’ every Western nation on earth today has a “Muslim sympathizer” at the helm? – What are the odds that almost every nation on earth would have a weak leader that appeased to Islam/Muslims, at the same point in time.. and at the very moment in time where we needed strong leaders that resisted the aforementioned?

      These so-called ‘leaders’ today were all “ushered in” to spread Islam around the world and assist the Muslims at eradicating ALL other religions from the earth.

      The Charter of the One World Government that is being established allows for “only one” religion. Islam was chosen to be that ‘one religion.’ The Muslims are being funded by the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation), the United Nations, the Saudi Royal Family, George Soros and many other entities. – A portion of the funding is designated to eradicating Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, etc.

      Think of all of the Islamic Conquests over the last 1,400 years.. and every one failed. And why? Because ‘we’ fought back and were victorious.

      Do you see how ‘today’ it’s different? Unlike “every” attempt by the Muslims in the past to conquer the West.. for the first time.. “we” are not resisting their spread at all. We are not pushing back against their current conquest at all..

      To the contrary, our governments, our “leaders,” most of the church and even the Pope himself are facilitating the spread of Islam and contributing to the establishment of the khilafah.

      What we are seeing today is the ‘Final Conquest’ for the establishment of the worldwide khilafah that they have desired for 1,400 yaers..and it saddens me to say this.. but..nothing short of Our Messiah coming to earth will halt it this time.

      It’s “us against the world” and the world is winning…

      At least for now..

      Ahavah and Shalom.

      jsm @ sharia unveiled


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