8 comments on “A Sharia-Compliant Guide to Beating Your Wife in Accordance with Islamic Jurisprudence

  1. Time to teach these hairy mus hags the time-honored solution: pour gasoline on the cowardly mus bastard while he sleeps; flip a match into the gasoline as you leave the room. mus problem solved.


    • re: breathmath;

      Assalam alaikum. We are so happy for your blessing of a caring husband.

      They are a rare breed…

      We would love to hear your story. In the event that ‘you and your husband’ would concur.. we would be honored to share it with our readers around the world. As you know, there is so much sadness and negativity in the world.. I have this feeling in my heart, you would give hope and inspiration to someone that needed to hear it…

      And perhaps, that ‘someone’ could even be ‘me.’ 🙂

      None of us ever meet by ‘chance.’

      Thank you for reading our site.. and tonight I will visit your’s.

      Our love, peace and prayers for you, your husband and your family always…

      jaedon @ sharia unveiled

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      • re: breathmath;

        Assalam alaikum.

        That would be wonderful. Please take all the time you need. There is no hurry..

        Our offer will stand as mentioned previously..and our door and our hearts will always remain open to you.

        May the Peace and Love of Our One G-d be with you and your family always..

        – jaedon @ sharia unveiled


      • Reply to the comment “Barbara fletcher”

        Unless you know everything about anything. Don’t start judging! Being judgemental states that the person has stopped thinking!!


  2. they have the wrong religion, the Bible tells us that a husband should love his wife as himself, he is head of the family where decisions are made, not to beat into submission, also women are not to cover their hair, as it is a crowning glory to her, it is man dominating man and women to their injury, man made rules, these people are ruled by satan and his demons, shortly to be removed by God’s son Jesus, who died for all, including evil people


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