7 comments on “UK Police Terrorize Tommy Robinson and His 3 Little Children Before Forcing Them to Leave the City of Cambridge

  1. These cops are evil tools. They are acting as heartless robots blindly following orders using zero discretion and wisdom. “Who are you serving and protecting here?” he asked. Good question! Those cops were clearly trying to evoke a violent reaction. That country is far from free. I will never travel to Europe.


  2. Britain once had the fairest laws and trials on the world. Now we have a corporatised politically correct health and safety driven establishment run by corrupt drivelling narcistic twats who do not know what the fck they are doing. The police are slowly becoming more stasi like as they suffer from induced mental illness brought on by the establishment corruption and created terrorism and various “wars” on crime terrorism drugs resulting in a growing militarisation of a bunch of socially engoneered numpties with the “authority” to fck you right up.


    • re: Bodge;

      Very well stated. There most certainly is an evil force behind the establishment you have described. And here in the States, it’s the same..but I would contend, even worse.

      If you follow the US Politic at all…you may have heard the term “Pay to Play.” ie. A ‘pretty’ name for “Bribery.”

      Not to mention, it’s are like a ‘Police State’ here now. And it’s getting worse by the day…

      In the end, we win my brother..but, it will be hell, all the way to victory.

      Ahavah and Shalom.

      jsm @ sharia unveiled


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