9 comments on “Buffalo, New York US: Illegal Muslim Immigrant Held on $2 Million Bail for Welfare Fraud and Burglary Charges

  1. I know a lady who, because she was recently and unexpectedly divorced, turned to food stamps for a short time to feed she and her two almost teenage children. She said that they(the government) gave her a lot more than she could use. On one occasion she bought a lot of Easter candy to donate to a charity out of that excess. Our government needs to rein in the excess spending. The entitled F-America Muslim family in this story needs to be returned to their country of origin.


  2. THIS IS WHAT CIVILIZATIONAL JIHAD LOOKS LIKE IN THE UNITED STATES! We’ll reap what we’re sowing as we allow these savages to infiltrate or convert, with the staunch and clear intention of taking our country from within.


  3. Such devout, peaceful people… More already in the pipeline to arrive here. Next up, arrest those who SOLD their cards and ban them from receiving these tax-payer funded handouts in the future. (Selling EBT cards has become an epidemic!!! How many times is a person allowed to “LOOSE” their card, month after month, only to have it replaced?)


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