7 comments on “BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Expected to “Drop-Out” of Presidential Race Following Resignation of Her Campaign Staff

  1. Minion: “It says January 20th in the Constitution, Mr. President.”
    Reagan: “Are you sure?”
    Minion: “Yes, Mr. President.”

    Read the fucking Constitution, Monkey-Boy, you cannot run for a 3rd term.


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  3. BEWARE the 2 third party globalist shills. For Green Party’s Jill Stein, LISTEN: “The Green Party and the Final Report Card – KrisAnne Hall Show, August 24th 2016” YouTube. You will be shocked and outraged at her platform which actually takes the obama/hillary policies even further. READ: “Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson just sold out to Big Pharma…says children should be forcibly vaccinated with mercury at gunpoint” NaturalNews.com/055097. READ: “Gary Johnson is Progressive Not Libertarian” JB Williams, newswithviews. READ: “Progressivism Kills Prosperity” Ron Edwards, newswithviews. READ: “‘Libertarian Gary Johnson Pushes ‘Free Market’ Carbon Tax” ClimateDepot.com/2016/08/24/. Libertarian are also wrong on free trade. Both third party candidates are funded by the global elite who want to make sure another hillary is in place should she drop out.

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  4. This is so much BS. It is now Tuesday and the only thing killary has done is buy a new, bigger campaign plane. That doesn’t sound like someone dropping out of the race to me. She thinks she is untouchable and so far she is exactly that. No one wants to cross her and then commit ‘suicide’ the next day.

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