5 comments on “Muslims Cut the Throats and Torch the Heads of 1,000 Sheep in One Canadian Town Alone

  1. All of the European countries and/or countries built by European descendants that have opened their borders to muslims and other non Europeans have been plagued with terrorism. These countries did not have terrorism before they let muslims in. Now these countries need heavy police forces (which the tax payer is billed)to keep them in line, even with more police they are steady killing, raping and preying on the natives of the country that gave them a home.

    They set forest fires(google jihad by fire), burn cars, live off of the tax payers, contribute nothing, their children attack ours(islamic terrorism and victory starts with this) per their parents teachings, we always have to worry when they will strike us next, whether it be at a sporting event, a national holiday event, a mall. Now we must worry about them poisoning our water and food.  Why are they here? What do we gain from their presence? Why must we be the ones to accept their presence when they despise ours even though they are living off of OUR achievements?

    Why are they here? They reap off of this plan, we lose. They have nothing to offer us to make our countries better. They don’t make our countries safer. They are not good for tourism. They are bringing down the economy of every country that have large numbers of them. They are not patriotic to our countries. They are only patriotic to their own people and their own beliefs.  They don’t want to be part of our societies they want to destroy them and make them more suitable for them and their cause. Again, I ask, why are they here?

    They aren’t trying to escape the life they left behind, they’re spreading it.
    This is the classic Trojan horse(muslims running from islam, think about it), Europe must look at the bigger picture. The muslims are the oppressors, the abusers, they have been this way for the past 1400 years, they don’t plan on changing now. They are not “refugees” this is an Islamic occupation.

    Deport so that our descendants will have a chance to grow up in a safe environment like the generations before the islamic occupation for which we have been sold out for. Our descendants futures are being stolen before they get a chance to live it.

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  3. This is a very sick slaughtering of sheep and they are very cruel bastards and it’s not right. WHY DID CANADIAN FOLLOW ISLAMIC WAYS TO CUT THE THROATS OF SHEEP. SHEEP HAVE FEELINGS LIKE HUMANS. VERY STUPID CANADIANS BASTARDS.


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