12 comments on “Islamic Republic of Pakistan Engages in a ‘..Canine Cleansing..’ of Man’s Best Friend

  1. This isn’t ISIS, or Hezbolah or Hamas. This is merely a muslim majority country keeping in line with the Hadith, the teachings of Muhammad. This is incompatible with the values and customs of the United States. As is the vast majority of Islam. Two opposing forces cannot occupy the same space. One with either destroy or absorb the other.


  2. what a good religion this is…………wait its not a religion its a hateful group of people that have satan in their hearts………there is going to be a time when we are standing in front of God and Jesus and all things will be revealed and some are going to be shocked to find that they were on the wrong side…………….islam is nothing but death and hate…….you people hate just to hate………you people hate each other……….you people need to have Jesus in your hearts


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