in a word, that is what sharia unveiled is about.

sharia unveiled is committed to seeking and sharing the truth.  In all things, there is only one truth.  There is no “middle ground” in truth.  There is no “compromise” in truth and there is no “tolerance” in truth.  There is no “leukewarm” in truth.  There are no “grey areas” in truth.  Truth is black and white.  Wrong or Right.  There is truth and everything else is just a lie.

We live in this world although we are not of it.

We live in a world of darkness, lies and deception.  We live in a world that protects, defends and rewards those who lie.  Why?  Primarily due to the fact that faith is being forced out of the world and evil is being invited in.  When we force G-d out essentially, we are creating a vacuum in society.  We are creating a void of empty space and the natural tendency is for that space to be filled.  The door has been left open and evil has been invited in.  Evil comes in many forms although rarely does it present itself as evil.  In most cases, it hides itself beneath a cloak of deception and a pretty name.  Sometimes evil even hides beneath the facade of “Peace and Love.”

We are dedicated to human rights.

sharia unveiled is absolutely and unequivocally devoted to the protection and defense of human rights.  There are many areas of human rights violations in the world today.  Unfortunately, there are too many for any one person or group to be able to focus on them all.  We pledge to focus on as many as we are able.  Usually, individuals and groups are more effective if they ‘specialize’ in a certain area.

We are defenders of the persecuted.

sharia unveiled is a voice of the persecuted.  We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.  Among the ones we speak out for are the persecuted Jewish and Judeo-Christians of the world.  We speak out for the persecuted church.  We speak out on behalf of the persecuted of other beliefs, as well.  We also speak out against the violence towards muslim women and children within Islam.

Our focus is through education.

sharia unveiled is an educational website, not an organization.  We are connected to many organizations though and often offer assistance.  If you ever desire to be active, we would be more than happy to offer direction and suggestions to one of the many organizations we coordinate with around the world.

Everything we do.. we do out of love.

All of our writers for this site are completely dedicated to sharing the truth.  If the message seems harsh on ocassion, it is not the result of the messenger.  It is a result of the message and the harshness of the subject matter within.

We respectfully request…

..that all visitors to this website ‘sharia unveiled’ and any of our other sharia unveiled properties such as:

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…please do not use curse words or make threats of any kind towards anyone.  We have a zero tolerance policy towards cursing or the making of threats.  Should it occur, the account from which it resulted will be blocked from this site indefinitely, on the first violation.

Thank you!