Children of Jihad

Jihad Fetus

jihad baby (resized)

Intifada Baby Armor (resized)

child jihad 1

Children of Jihad

Hamas with Child

child jihad 2

child jihad 3

child jihad 4

child jihad 5

Child Jihad 6

Child Jihad 7

Child Jihad 8

Palestinian Child Jihad

child jihad - like father like son (resized)

child terrorists 2

Palestinian Terrorists With Child

Children of jihad  in Islam

Child Muslim Shiite Violence

Israel v. Hamas

Islam - Teach Peace Not War (edited)


33 comments on “Children of Jihad

  1. Muslims greet , whenever they met… ‘peace be upon u” – in arabic pronounce as “Assalamualaikum”

    Such a peace and wonderful saying.

    -Scenario shows that Muslims country are mostly in the horror as the result of the oppression from countries such as US and Israel and others whom hatred of Islam filled their heart.
    So it is eligible for them to fight back in the way that they knows best for them,,

    – When you are attacking muslim country and lead to thousand of death, you said that u are right by doing that action, but when Muslin tried to fight for their right and their dignity, you just simply said that they are the followers of “terrorist’ religion….

    – Normal people with normal type of thinking,, whoever they are, clearly can see and can judge which is right and which is wrong, even though the peoples with an ability of spinning the fact using various of slander to prove that Muslim are wrong.


    • re: ignorance;

      Perhaps their words say “Peace be upon you” but, their actions say “Death, submission, hate and intolerance be upon you.” Words are meaningless if your actions are contrary.

      Islam will NEVER change. Primarily because the extreme majority are just as you are. They refuse to accept any form of responsibility for their actions. They always have an excuse and someone to blame. Nothing is never their own fault. It is always the fault of someone else.

      Yes, ofcourse there are good muslim people. Those are the ones who do not practice islam closely and do not adhere to al-qur’an. Unfortunately, the majority of that group remain silent.

      Thank you for commenting.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

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      • that is wrong their are more muslims who realize that to fight with your hands is wrong and to fight with your word is right. its just that because of americans ruining the holy land some muslim has been lead astray. was it wrong for crusaders to kill everyone in jerusalem. was it wrong for spain to expel or force the convertion of muslims and jews. was it wrong for the stating that all muslims are bad and christians are good. it sickens me when i ask people these questions and they say no. every religion have war like religious extremist even Judaism. during the siege of Jerusalem by the romans their were jewish zealots who were considered religious extremist. now for my closing it was wrong for the al qaeda to terrorize america, yes but it is wrong to critize the whole muslim world for what those people did and to poke fun of the true message of allah all knowning and most generous. i should i converted from christianity to Islam and i am african American whose race have been oppressed for centuries till the late 1960s


      • re: alshahid;

        Blessed Greetings!

        Violence is taught to many muslim children from birth. That is a fact. Honestly, I could say violence is taught via al-qur’an (at-tawba) and Sunnah al-hadith to ALL muslim children and be very accurate. If you think that many of us in the West do not study Islam and it’s teachings.. you would be disillusioned. I have been studying it for almost 20 years. Many of my friends study it as well.

        Islam cannot be compared accurately to any “religion.”

        It is not possible to attribute any violence.. past, present or future to the faith of Judeo-Christianity. The word of our Lord thy God clearly in all of the text of the Holy Bible states.. “Thou shalt not committeth Murder”.. “Love your enemies as you love thyself..” “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you..” “When one smites the upon thy cheek.. turn to him thy other cheek also..” This is consistent teaching from the beginning. When a person.. “professing” to be a “Christian” ..commits a murder.. he is acting outside of his faith. He is to blame as an individual.. not Christianity. Because Christianity instructed.. and not just instructed.. but, by the Word of our Lord thy God.. “COMMANDED” him NOT to commit the murder. Judeo-Christianity is based on LOVE and FORGIVENESS! Anyone who proclaims to be a “Christian” but, commits a murder.. is in violation of the Christian Doctrine. You cannot blame Christianity for that.. you must blame the individual.

        On the other hand.. Islam can be blamed and held accountable for the Murders, violence, rapes, molestations of children, terrorism and so on when the muslim commits these crimes because they are taught from birth to.. “follow in the way of the prophet muhammad.” al-qur’an (at-tawba) and Sunnah al-hadith instruct the muslim to live as muhammad lived. Muhammad beheaded more than 900 Jews.. and the Jews had never done anything to muhammad. Muhammad invaded Jewish land, raped Jewish Women, robbed Jewish caravans.. and so on. These are not my words.. they are muhammads.

        Thank you for reading sharia unveiled and for taking the time to share your thoughts.

        May true peace and love find you.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled

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      • hi,

        love from UK. Have read few of your comments and these are clear and says what is the exact problem with Muslims and their culture.

        In my view Muslims are really peaceful when they are very very small in number. But various pr0blem arises once they grow.

        1 % – always peaceful very nice to other

        2-3% – they want their mosque to build every corner of their street. Still very nice to others

        4-6% – they will capture the supermarket and advertise halal food, Capture the market and advertise their products. Only nice to others and violent to some extent. making rallies, debating against other religion, kids are brainwashed in the name of teaching Quran. There are still a lots of problem but will take time to explain.

        This is the stage of UK at the moment

        10-15%- will born other religious area like church, temple etc. Even kills other religion people whenever they can.

        55% Plus – will demand for Syrial law

        alomost 100% – live in stone age, torture the women, little girls, child bride, multiple wives ect. Also fights among them selfs and kill their own brothers.

        As you said their real wepen are women womb and they use it to make as many kids as they have.and outnumber the other religion so at least some will be left if there is any civilian war.

        I just can not understand these people.

        80% of these people are on benefit and do not work. Do not know why they are so greedy to get few votes. God save this country.

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      • re: archanaswain100;

        Thank you. And love right back at ya’ from your brothers and sisters across the pond, in the US.

        – – – –

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • The muslim book teaches to kill non beleivers, why would you follow that?? And also allah was a babylonian moon god way before mohammed ever claimed it to be the one god. And how can you write an entire faith off of the jewish torah and then completely oppose them. The whole religion of islam is violent and full of holes.


      • re: billraisi;


        “YOU” are such an IGNORANT FOOL.. regurgitating what you have heard others INCORRECTLY state..

        “IF” you were an educated intellectual, or at least studied on the subjects you speak about..

        you would know al-il’ah is the PAGAN name of the Moon god the Arabs worshipped PRIOR to the advent of Islam in 610AD.


        – – – –

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • this is a kind of protection assertion to ensure that the other guy is a muslim and the one who greated him has no harm from him. I need to say peace be upon you when I find the other one peaceful. This simply means the Islam is not a peaceful religion and is a terrorists religion.


  2. It’s a little strange, that comparison; Israelis protect their kids and Palestinians use them as religious cannon fodder. Aren’t Palestinians humans? Aren’t they mothers and fathers? These children just cry when being beaten with swords, like any child. Just show me the percentage of Palestinians who actually engage in such acts. Oh, and by the way, these Israelis who protect their children really don’t mind to terrorize Arab children. We are all children of Adam, for God’s sake. You are brothers and sisters. You are the same people. Be an example to the world, instead of a source of disgust and a shame on Islam.
    This sickens me to the core. Not the prejudice, but using the most valuable thing given to you in life for these purposes. You just want to pick these children out of the photographs, hold them tight, give them the very best life there could be for them. Really wish I could.


    • re: Soraya;

      What a beautiful name you have. Are you aware that you share the name “Soraya” with another beautiful young muslim girl? Do you know her story? She was buried up to her chest and stoned to death. If I may ask.. who was she stoned by? Was she stoned by the Israelis? No. Was she stoned by the Christians or Jews? No. Was she stoned by the Hindus, the Buddhists or the Sikhs? Again..No.

      The fact is.. she was a young muslim woman stoned to death by a group of muslim men. Does that “sicken you to the core?” It does me! What about when the Christians around the world are beheaded, simply for following their faith? Does that “sicken you to the core?” It does me! From what religion do the people come who are slaughtering the Christians and burning down their houses of worship? Are they Buddhists? No. Hindus? No. They are muslims who follow the islamic law of al-qur’an and al-hadith. Does that “sicken you to the core?” It does me.

      Yes.. I to, love all children. They are one of the primary reasons I tell their stories. Do you notice.. I also speak in defence of the muslim women and children?

      With me.. it’s about truth. With me.. it’s about right and wrong.

      Here is a link to a short article I wrote. If you read it.. you will understand me and why I do what I do.

      Thank you Soraya for reading sharia unveiled and for taking the time to write. I hope you stay in touch because I am sure we can both learn from each other. You are always welcome here!

      Blessings of Peace and Love be upon you, my sister.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  3. re:The pics of kids with guns and bombs
    I’ve seen similar pics from street gangs and the cartels. I think violence can become a part of who you are if you let it.


      • Agree with Sharia:

        @ Roger
        Although similar, younger generations are being brain washed into joining gangs all over the world. Forming groups for power and control over things.
        Muslims becoming human bombs and/or killing innocent bystanders as they wager War on their so called enemies is eXtreme and without any boundaries.
        Recall just 9/11 or recall everything they have done so far in the name of Islam – fact remains they are merciless.


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  5. i jst want to ask which side r u…?cause from some pictures n stories i read its only like a bad stories of islam…..i just know that as agood muslim we cant do like an evil things [we know n got taught since birth]…..ur stories about a christian girl got raped its very touching its not should be happened …..its very bad acts by the army to whom we ask protection….even when HAZRAT MUHAMMAD SALLAHU ALAIHI W SALAM n His army attack makkah HE said that no kill women children n old people n give protection to non muslim ……so its happened because some bad people in the name of islam not ISLAM …n how about muslim peoles who got killed,raped ,burned tortured in other parts of the world ?????? no news about them …..u also write an article about them too


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  8. I admire your patience, courage and faith. Thank you for your service to mankind by exposing the truth. Truth is so hard to find these days. You might be interested in a series of sermons by the Apostle Frederick K.C. Price of Ever Increasing Faith Ministries entitled “Race, Religion, and Racism”
    I found it very informative and from a man who also speaks the truth.


    • re: Pat;

      Thank you so much for the compliments and for taking the time to send me the info. entitled: “Race, Religion, and Racism”.

      I will certainly look this up.

      And I would also like to say; ‘Thank you so much for your honorable service to our republic.’

      May peace and love always be with you.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  9. Sad I’m living in a ‘muuslime’ country named Mal-aayya-ssia, that I am forced to listen to those ‘yellings’ five times a day.


  10. May i ask you Miss sharia unveiled, the two pictures that show two bloody kids,
    are they really a muslim? And from which country are they? Just asking. Thank you.


  11. If I meet a Good Muslim, i do understand that he is good not because he reads and implements Koran. He is good because he applys his common sense and do not take koran seriously.

    I saw serveral times radical muslims of kashmir sharing kheer(some kind of Indian porridge made up of Milk and vermicelli with dry nuts and saffron) during ramadan with Infidels (according to them). But when I being an infidel (Non-muslim) share some prasad(prasad is a food substance that is offered to the God of Infidels and try to share with Muslims they simple reject it saying it is not offered to Allah).

    What the heck is this hypocracy with Muslims. Muslims do not respect other people belief because Koran says so. However they enforce others to accept their faith.

    Being a infidel, I do accept Ramadan kheer, Christians recipes during Christmas. because my religion says never disrespect food. Food is GOD. Food is Just Food and it saves your life and nourishes you and gives you common sense for survival.


    • re: Phive Yeliments;

      I agree with you. There are “..good Muslims..’ but (like you said) NOT because of the teachings of Islam. They are only “..good Muslims..” because they were good people to begin with. They are good human beings. Either they did NOT study their qur’an like a “..good little Muslim..” when they were young (or) they outright rejected it, in secret. Maybe the indoctrination process did not take hold, for whatever reason. Perhaps they adhere to the earlier Meccan text and ignore the abrogation of the Medinan. It could be for many different reasons, or a combination thereof.

      When “we” adhere strictly to the tenets of “our” faiths, we become better people.

      When Muslims adhere strictly to the tenets of al-Qur’an (Islam), they become worse people.

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  12. Wow islam reminds me when I was a kid and was lost with Lucifer as my master. I was shot, shooting and seen others die and lived in poverty as a youth now I’m grown up the only thing I trust is Jesus ( of course His english name) the one who the whole world rejects. Even His own people/ I can relate those of your own household will be your enemies. Whats funny about all this is seeing how easy people become fools. When I look at (isis), hamas, muslim brotherhood, radical islam , moderate islam I see a lost people a people that cannot think clearly like a brain on drugs. Then it goes into a spiritual realm its darkness . The Bible says we are not at war with flesh but with principalities. Any man that kills women and children is doomed for destruction. This isis will not last this muslim thing will be destroyed in a blink of a eye. People luckily had hitler as a pre-play… Remember to Praise God (never moon idol allah) isis men are truly the biggest cowards Ive ever seen r.i.p.


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