Brutal Torture of Afghani Girl

Faces of Islam - Afghani Girl Tortured 1.0

                 This is item #1.0 in our NEW SERIES:

                             ‘Faces of Islam’

Faces of Islam: Brutal Torture of Afghani Girl [1.0]

Does ‘your religion’ do this to little girls?

Video courtesy of: AustralianNeoCon1

I S L A M   D O E S…

This little girl was a child bride that was forcibly married to an elderly Muslim man. She was then tortured by the entire family of her husband.

What was her crime?

Does it really matter?  She’s a little girl…

 I S L A M   I S   A   C R I M E   A G A I N S T   H U M A N I T Y


5 comments on “Brutal Torture of Afghani Girl

  1. I want to cry for her, what in God’s name is wrong with these people.? .she is a baby, I hate everyone who did this to her, I hate her parents for not protecting her and selling her in the first place…poor little girl my heart goes out to you,I pray this child can somehow escape all this


  2. Sickening, but what do you expect when the founder of your “religion”, “a beautiful pattern of conduct” set the example by marrying a six-year-old and consummating that marriage when the child was nine? A child bride cannot possibly stand up for herself against an adult husband and his family. Husband and wife are not partners in such relationships – they are master and slave. And that’s merely the tip of the iceberg. Child brides are far more likely to die or suffer serious medical complications during intercourse and childbirth. Girls who marry before age eighteen are very unlikely to complete their education, which means they are almost sure to remain poor throughout their lives.

    Child marriage is a crime against all decency. Civilized cultures outlawed it long ago, as soon as evidence indicated how detrimental it was to health and society. The fact that Islam still supports it is proof of how barbaric this religion is.


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