Muslim Woman Gang-Raped and Beheaded

Muslim woman gang-raped and beheaded 3

Faces of Islam: Muslim Woman Gang-Raped and Beheaded [3.0]

What began as a nice evening of laughing, singing and dancing…

..ended with an innocent, young Muslim woman being gang-raped and beheaded by a group of Muslim male rapists.


Video courtesy of: Our friend and colleague “B” @ BNI.

It just so happened that the Muslim perpetrators of the gang-rape recorded the entire event on their mobile phones. This helped authorities locate and prosecute them. The men hanging in the last couple minutes of this video were the rapists that were all captured and sentenced to death.

     Ah.. what a beautiful religion allah hath made.


5 comments on “Muslim Woman Gang-Raped and Beheaded

  1. And although this happened away from Britain, we are seeing this in Europe and the West, so what is the headline in the British media? Yes, “racism is deeply rooted”. Surprised?


    • Ironkraft wake up before reality hits you in the face. What happens to your neighbor will eventually happen to you if you do not react and take steps to protect yourself. You say this happened away from your country and it shouldn t be first page. Well i m from queec cananda and anything muslims and islamics do is concerning to me since their actions are being done all oveer the world and unless we stop them COLD we will be the next ones to suffer and die under their way of living. Now if you thonk their way of life ( if you can call being controlled even to the point of following insructions on how to shit and wipe you ass) tha be my guess and go join them and see how long you will stay alive. I only hope that you death would be quick and wihout pain. But viewing their history of violence i doubt it.Good luck in you crusade to label all who protect our freedom to free will as racists.

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