The Execution of a Syrian Woman

Muslim Woman Crying 10

  Faces of Islam: The Execution of a Syrian Woman [2.0]

Question: What is the #1 Killer of Muslim Women?

Answer: Muslim Men.

According to the tenets of Islam, a woman is a piece of property that is purchased and owned by the Muslim male. Furthermore, the Muslim male is permitted to have up to 4 wives simultaneously. Whereas, the Muslim female is only permitted to have 1 husband.

Does this not speak volumes as to the inherent value that is placed on the female in the Islamic culture?

The male is deemed worthy to receive the affections of 4 females simultaneously, whereas 4 females must divide and share in the affections of ONLY 1 man.

Does this seem ‘fair’ and ‘just’ to you?

  I S L A M   I S   A   M Y S O G Y N I S T I C   C U L T


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