Islam and Terrorism

Islamic Terrorists 1

When someone tells you.. “..Islam is a religion of peace..”   

The following are acts of International Terrorism committed by Muslims in the name of Islam.

This is a partial list from: 1970-Present

Approximately 9,697 innocent people were murdered by Muslims in these attacks.





A smoke cloud rises from the 1983 bombed American barracks at Beirut International Airport, which killed 242.

  • Belgium 27 July 1980 – AntwerpBelgium. Syrian Palestinian Said Al Nasr threw two hand grenades into a group of Jewish children waiting for a bus. 1 dead, 20 injured.



Osama bin Laden (1957–2011) was the founder of Al-Qaeda, the jihadist organization responsible for many high profile attacks, including the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings and theSeptember 11 attacks.


The 1996 Khobar Towers bombing by Hezbollah Al-Hejaz killed 19 Americans, one Saudi, and wounded 372.



The north face of Two World Trade Center (south tower) immediately after being struck by United Airlines Flight 175


Hasib Hussain, who detonated the bus bomb in Tavistock Square in the 7 July 2005 London bombings, is captured on CCTV leaving


One of the bomb-damaged coaches at the Mahim station in Mumbai during the 11 July 2006 train bombings

Damage caused by the Jerusalem bulldozer attack on 2 July 2008



Police investigating on the site a few hours after the 2011 Marrakech bombing

  • Pakistan 1 January 2010 – Lakki MarwatPakistan. A suicide car bomber drove his explosive-laden vehicle into a volleyball pitch as people gathered to watch a match, killing more than 100 people.[49]

  • India 14 February 2010 – 2010 Pune bombingPune, Maharashtra, India. bomb blast ripped through the city’s popular German Bakery, close to the Osho Ashram and diagonally across from the Jewish Chabad House[50] killing 17 people and injuring 65.Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) claimed involvement of Pakistan based Lashkar-e-Taiba’s (LeT).Police arrested Mirza Himayat Baig Inayat Baig,who allegedly heads Lashkar-e-Taiba’s (LeT) module in the state.ATS has also arrested Bilal Baba Hussain Fareed Shaikh (27).In its chargesheet filed in a Pune court, the ATS has also named six other accused – all co-conspirator and absconding – Mohsin Choudhary, Yasin BhatkalRiyaz BhatkalIqbal Bhatkal, Faiyaz Kagzi and Zabihuddin Ansari.[51]

  • United States 1 May 2010 – 2010 Times Square car bombing attemptNew York, New YorkUSA.Faisal Shahzad, an Islamic Pakistani American who received an American citizenship in December 2009, attempted to detonate a car bomb in Times Square working with the Pakistani Taliban or Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan.

  • Pakistan 28 May 2010 – Attacks on Ahmadi Mosques Lahore, Pakistan. Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan claimed attacks on two mosques simultaneously belonging to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, killing nearly 100 and injuring many others.[50]

  • India 7 December 2010 – 2010 Varanasi bombingIndia. 2 dead, 37 injured.

  • Egypt 1 January 2011 – Alexandria, Egypt. A car bomb exploded outside a Coptic Orthodox church after worshippers had gathered for a prayer celebration on New Year’s Eve. 21 dead, 97 injured.[52]

  • Russia 24 January 2011 – Domodedovo International AirportMoscow, Russia. A suicide bomb attack in the international arrivals hall of Domodedovo International Airport, Moscow killed at least 37 people and injured some 180.[53] Attacks were later attributed to the Caucasus Emirate an Islamist terrorist organisation.

  • Philippines 25 January 2011 – Manilla, Philippines. A bomb under a bus seat detonated on a passenger bus commuting in Manilla. 5 dead, 14 injured.[54] The attack has been attributed to the Islamist Terrorist Organization Jemaah Islamiyah.

  • Russia 26 January 2011 – Khasavyurt, Russia. A car bomb explosion detonated by theCaucasus Emirate an Islamist terrorist organisation ripped through a cafe, with the blast killing and injuring both cafe workers and customers within the Russian city ofKhasavyurt. 4 dead, 6 injured.[55]

  • Germany 02 March 2011 – 2011 Frankfurt Airport shootingFrankfurtGermany. The 2011 Frankfurt Airport shooting occurred on 2 March 2011 at Frankfurt Airport in Germany. The shooter, Arid Uka, was arrested and charged with killing two United States airmen and seriously wounding two others. He was sentenced to life in prison on 10 February 2012. The shooting was the first deadly attack in Germany with an Islamist background.

  • Thailand 18 April 2011 – Pattani, Thailand. Suspected Muslim insurgents have set off a car bomb that killed one soldier and wounded 25 people in restive southern Thailand.[56]

  • Nigeria 25 April 2011 – Maiduguri, Nigeria. An explosion at a hotel killed 3 people and wounded 14 others in northeastern Nigeria. A second explosion went off at a cattle market in the town of Maiduguri; it is suspected that the attacks have been perpetrated by the radical Islamic sect Boko Haram (figuratively, “Western or non-Islamic education is a sin”)[57]

  • Morocco 28 April 2011 – 2011 Marrakech bombingMarrakesh, Morocco. A suicide bombing struck a cafe in Djemaa el Fna square, killing mostly foreigners and several Moroccan’s, in the centre of Morocco’s southern city of Marrakesh, which is located in southern Morocco. 16 dead and at least 20 injured.[58] The attack was attributed to the Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group.

  • Thailand 8 June 2011 – Narathiwat, Thailand. Suspected Islamic militants killed two Buddhist monks and left a bomb at the scene that subsequently exploded and wounded five police officers. 2 dead, 5 injured.[59]

  • China 18 July 2011 – 2011 Hotan attackHotan, China. A group of 18 young Uyghur men who opposed the local government’s campaign against the full-face Islamic veil perpetrated a series of coordinated bomb and knife attacks and occupied a police station on Nuerbage Street, killing two security guards and taking eight hostages. The attackers yelled religious slogans, including ones associated with Jihadism.

  • China 30–31 July 2011 – 2011 Kashgar attacksKashgar, China. A series of busy markets and restaurants were attacked by the East Turkestan Islamic Movement in the city of Kashgar, by carbombs and stabbing attacks, killing 23 and wounding 42 people in total.[60]

  • Iraq 5 January 2012 Iraq bombingsBaghdad and NasiriyahIraq by Islamic State of Iraq. 73 dead, 149 injured.

  • Iraq 14 January 2012 Basra bombingBasraIraq. 53 dead, 130 injured.

  • Iraq 27 January 2012 Baghdad bombingBaghdadIraq by Al-Qaeda in Iraq. 32 dead, 71 injured.

  • Iraq 27 January 2012. BaghdadIraq. Suicide bomber kills 33 at funeral procession.[61]

  • Iraq 23 February 2012 Iraq attacksBaghdadIraq by Islamic State of Iraq. 83 dead, 250+ injured.

  • China 28 February 2012 – 2012 Yecheng attackYechengChina. At around 6 p.m. on February 28, 2012, a group of eight Uyghur men led by religious extremist Abudukeremu Mamuti attacked pedestrians with axes and knives on a crowded street. Local police fought with Mamuti’s group, ultimately killing all and capturing Mamuti. One police officer died and four police were injured, while 15 pedestrians died from Mamuti’s assault and 14 more civilians were injured.[62]

  • Iraq 20 March 2012 Iraq attacksBaghdad and at least 9 other cities, Iraq. 52 dead, ~ 250 injured.

  • France 20 March 2012 – 2012 Midi-Pyrénées shootings in ToulouseFrance Algerian gunman on a motorcycle kills 4 at a Jewish school. 7 dead, 5 injured.

  • Nigeria 30 April 2012 – Gunmen of Boko Haram kill 15 people and wound many more in Nigeria.[63]

  • Mali 10 July 2012 – TimbuktuMali. Islamist militants of the Ansar Dine group destroy tombs of the Djingareyber mosque, a UNESCO World Heritage site.[64]

  • LibyaUnited States 11 September 2012 – On the anniversary of the 2001 September 11th attacksin the United States, Islamist militants killed 4 and wounded 7 in the Benghazi U.S. Consulate attack including American Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

  • Bangladesh 29–30 September 2012 Muslims Attack Buddhist Temples, Homes Over Quran Facebook Photo in Chittagong. The latest reports indicate that about 15 temples and pagodas and about 100 houses of Buddhists living in the area had been set on fire.[65][66]

  • Israel 21 November 2012 – Tel-AvivIsrael. Bus explodes on Tel Aviv’s Shaul Hamelech Street; 28 wounded, one seriously, one moderately.[67]

  • India 21 February 2013. HyderabadAndhra PradeshA series of two bomb blasts in a crowded place killed 16 people and 119 were injured. There were two blasts on Thursday at 6.58 p.m. and 7.01 p.m. The bicycle had a bag hung to its carrier, which the police believe had an Improvised Explosive Device (IED).

  • United States 15 April 2013. Boston Marathon bombings. Two brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnev, planted two bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. The blast killed 3 and injured 183 others. [68]

  • Pakistan 7 May 2013. Hangu, Pakistan. In a wave of pre-election sectarian violence asuicide attack, at a rally for a candidate of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, a pro-taliban religious party, killed at least 15 people and injured more than 40 including an election candidate.[69][70][71]

  • United Kingdom 22 May 2013 Two men with cleavers kill British soldier, Lee Rigby in London.[72][73]

  • Dagestan 25 May 2013 – MakhachkalaDagestan. A female suicide bomber blew herself up in southern Russia’s restive Dagestan, wounding 12 people.[74]

  • Iraq 25 May 2013 – SamarraIraq. A car bomb exploded near a bus killing six Iranians and one Iraqi. 14 others were wounded.[75]

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  1. I grew up in central Florida around a lot of backwoods good ole boys that were all pretty racist against towel heads and blacks. I never understood why these guys didn’t like the other races. Well now I have grown up and been all over the U.S. And man do I understand where they were coming from… Don’t get me wrong I’m not racist but I’m racist. After they took the pledge out of public schools I knew the U.S. Was in trouble


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