Teachings of Muhammad vs. Jesus

The Teachings of Muhammad vs. Jesus (Yahushua HaMashiach)


Muhammad said ‘.. Allah hates those who don’t accept Islam..’ (Qur’an 30:4, 3:32, 22:38)

Jesus said God loves everyone. (John 3:16)


Muhammad said “I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is the messenger ofAllah.” (Muslim 1:33)

Jesus said “He who lives by the sword will die by the sword” (Matthew 26:52)


Muhammad stoned women for adultery. (Sahih Muslim 4206)

Jesus said “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” (John 8:7)


Muhammad permitted stealing from unbelievers (Bukhan 44:668, Ibn Ishaq 764)

Jesus said “Thou shalt not steal” (Matthew 19:18)


Muhammad permitted lying (Sahih Muslim 6303, Bukhari 49:857)

Jesus said “Thou shalt not bear false witness.” (Matthew 19:18)


Muhammad owned and traded slaves (Sahih Muslim 3901)

Jesus neither owned nor traded slaves.


Muhammad murdered those who insulted him. (Bukhari 56:369, 4:241)

Jesus preached forgiveness.


Muhammad said “If then anyone transgresses the prohibition against you, transgress ye likewise against him.” (Qur’an 2:194)

Jesus said “If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.” (Matthew 5:39)


Muhammad said “Jihad in the way of Allah elevates one’s position in Paradise by a hundred fold.” (Muslim 4645)

Jesus said “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called Sons of God.” (Matthew 5:9)


Muhammad married 13 wives and kept sex slaves. (Bukhari 5:268, Qur’an 33:50)

Jesus was celibate.


Muhammad had sex with a 9 year old child. (Sahih Muslim 3309, Bukhari 58:236)

Jesus did not have sex with children.


Muhammad ordered the murder of women. (Ibn Ishaq 819, 995)

Jesus never harmed a woman.


Muhammad said “O you who believe! Fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness.” (Qur’an 3:110)

Jesus said “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth.” (Matthew 5:5)


Muhammad ordered 65 military campaigns and raids in his last 10 years. (Ibn Ishaq)

Jesus ordered no military campaigns, nor offered any approval of war or violence.


Muhammad killed captives taken in battle. (Ibn Ishaq 451)

Jesus never took captives; never killed anyone.


Muhammad encouraged his men to rape enslaved women. (Abu Dawud 2150, Qur’an 4:24)

Jesus never encouraged rape; never enslaved women.


Muhammad was never tortured, but tortured others. (Muslim 4131, Ibn Ishaq 436, 595, 734, 764)

Jesus suffered torture, but never tortured anyone.


Muhammad said “And fight them until there is no more persecution and religion is only for Allah.” (Qur’an 8:39)

Jesus said “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” (Matthew 5:44)


Muhammad ordered a slave to build the very pulpit from which he preached Islam. (Bukhari 47:743)

Jesus washed his disciples feet. (John 13:5)


Muhammad demanded the protection of armed bodyguards, even in a house of worship. (Qur’an 4:102)

Jesus chastised anyone attempting to defend him with force. (John 18:10-12)


Muhammad advocated crucifying others. (Qur’an 5:33, Muslim 16:4131)

Jesus was crucified himself.


According to his followers, Muhammad had others give their lives for him. (Sahih Muslim 4413)

According to his followers, Jesus gave his life for others. (John 18:11 and elsewhere)


45 comments on “Teachings of Muhammad vs. Jesus

  1. Hi, as a muslim i really don’t appreciate the way you show conflict between muhammad(PBUH) and Jesus (which is also a beloved prophet to Muslims). We love and respect both of these men.

    God Bless you.


    • re: Ibrahim;

      Assalam alaikum.

      I do appreciate that “you” feel this way.

      If what you say is true, then please tell me..

      1. Why do so many Muslims murder the followers of Jesus?

      2. Why does al-Qur’an call the “Christians” (the followers of Jesus) polytheists and they should be crucified?


      Quran (5:33) – “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement”

      Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

      Quran (8:39) – “And fight with them until there is no more fitna (disorder, unbelief) and religion should be only for Allah”

      3. Why do so many Muslims burn down Jesus’ houses of worship? (ie.) The Christian churches?

      – – –

      I look forward to your response..

      Thank you.

      Peace be with you.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Can’t you read verses of forgiveness only you see these verses and also what is stated here is the punishments for those who spread mischief in the world.

        A Christian leader says hang those who murder other. Will it be wrong? Or justice to one committed crime.

        you are absolutely a biased person to make such a comparison when your own Christians have ranked Muhammad Peace be upon him as the bestest human and Jesus Peace be upon him ranked second.

        This is ur problem we mentioned peace be upon with both names and you don’t even write it with one.

        Jesus did not die for no anyone it’s absolute rubbish to die for the sins of other. No judge will punish other for the sins of other. And all rest statements r halfly quoted with no real interpretation.


      • I appreciate the fact that you are open for discussions.

        First, Islam is not based on what someone does or not, but on the Qur’an and Authentic hadith. Islam is perfect, but Muslims are not.

        2nd, Most of the verses you quoted were taken out of context. For example, you quoted 8:12, which if you read the verses after, you’ll get the full meaning.
        Also, even some of which you quoted don’t support your claim of violence. For example, 5:33, I’m pretty sure you saw the first part which says; “those who wage war”.
        It’s just like if I say Luke 19:27, supports violence, you’ll ask me to read in context. So, apply that here.


      • re: Haroun;

        Assalam alaikum.

        I agree that ‘context’ is vital to understanding the intended meaning of any text, in any faith. And yes, I would also contend that G-d’s Laws for us are perfect..but, man’s misinterpretation and/or failure to adhere to G-d’s Laws is often where evil begins…

        So, would ‘you’ contend that terrorists (who claim to be Muslim and practice the true form of Islam) ..such as al-Qaeda, ISIS, etc. are Muslims that are misled due to their misinterpretation of certain verses of al-Qur’an, Sunnah al-Hadith and the intentional false-teachings of agenda-driven imams?

        Or, would you contend that those terrorists are truly NOT Muslim at all?

        The above question is not a trap. I just need to understand how “you” view certain elemental dichotomy’s, prior to finding solutions.

        Thank you for your comment and I look forward to your reply..

        Peace be with you…

        jsm @ sharia unveiled


    • Obviously, you do NOT respect him, else you would not murder those who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. I also don’t care if you do not appreciate the the way conflict is shown between Mohammed the child raper and Jesus Christ. Blessed be the peacemaker….


      • It’s funny you refer muhammad (pbuh) as a child rapist! the girl he was “married” too was never forced and back then before we had ignorence like you. women matured alot faster then they do now. also another note in countries one for example “america” there are 4 states which allow girls the age of 13 to be married without their consent but from their parent’s will! HA

        before you lose your temper and word things incorrectly “think”. I love jesus. I love god! which in arabic means “Allah”

        when you quote about muslims hating and killing for Allah, it means fighting for god! and no just because a small handful of people kill other people, doesn’t give you the right to express your un thought opinions to any one!

        “Freedom of speech”!
        not ” freedom of hate”.

        silly person.


      • re: Ibrahim;

        Assalam alaikum.

        I do NOT see any truth in anything you wrote.

        1. Muhammad was a child rapist:

        He kidnapped little Aisha at the age of 6 and raped her at the age of 9.

        * There are actually 4 hadiths in Sahih al-Bukhari and 3 in Sahih Muslim, where Aisha Narrated herself that:

        ‘..the prophet Muhammad was betrothed to me at the age of 6 and he consummated the marriage [intercourse] with me at the age of 9..and I remained with him for 9 years after that..’

        This narration by Aisha herself can be located in: Sahih al-Bukhari Vol.7 Book 62 Hadith #64

        NO 9-year-old little girl is of the physical, mental, emotional or psychological maturity and understanding to comprehend “sex.” Therefore, she could NOT “CONSENT” to sex. If she could NOT “consent”..this constitutes rape! Child Rape. The worst kind of rape.

        2. Muhammad was also a murder of the innocent:

        Muhammad murdered 900 innocent Jews by beheading them at Banu Qurayza. He enslaved the children of these 900. Muhammad was also a thief that robbed caravans and used the proceeds to fund his conquest of jihad across the Middle East and Northern Africa.

        3. If “Muslims” love Jesus so much, why do they murder those who believe in Him? (ie.) the Christians??

        Why do the Muslims bomb and burn “Jesus'” houses of worship? (ie.) His churches??

        Yeah, I bet “you” don’t have an answer for that..

        4. “Allah” does not translate from the Arabic to English as “God”

        Allah is a NAME. It is derived from the Pagan Moon God named: al il’ah.

        5. Who is this allah?

        It is an established archaeological fact that worship of the moon-god was the main religion of the ancient Middle East. But what about the Arabian Peninsula, where Mohammed ( 570-632) launched Islam? During the last two centuries, prominent archaeologists have unearthed thousands of inscriptions which prove beyond any doubt that the dominant religion of Arabia during Mohammed’s day was the cult of the moon-god.

        In fact, for generations before Mohammed was born, the Arabs worshiped some 360 pagan gods housed at a stone temple in Mecca called the Kabah. According to archaeologists, the chief deity of Mecca was the moon-god called al-ilah ( meaning the god or the idol), which was shortened to Allah in pre-Islamic times. Pagan Arabs even used Allah in the names they gave themselves: Mohammed’s father (Abdallah), for example, had Allah as part of his name.

        What History Says about Allah: Historians say that pre-Islamic Arabs worshiped the moon-god by bowing in prayer toward Mecca several times a day. They would also make a pilgrimage to Mecca, run around the Kabah seven times and throw stones at the devil. And they fasted for one month, which began with the appearance of the crescent moon and ended when the crescent moon reappeared.

        These same rites form the core of Islam today: Muslims bow in prayer toward Mecca; they make a pilgrimage to Mecca and run around the Kabah seven times; and they still throw stones at the devil. They also observe the fast of Ramadan, which begins and ends with the crescent moon. Moreover, the ancient symbol of the pagan moon- god, the crescent moon, is the official symbol of Islam; it appears on the flags of Muslim countries, as well as on the tops of mosques and minarets everywhere.

        Historians say that Mohammed, who as a traveling trader was exposed to Judaism and Christianity during his visits to different parts of the Middle East, tried to mimic those monotheistic faiths by taking Allah, the main deity within the Arabian pantheon, and making it the only god. Indeed, the basic confession of Islam is not that “Allah is Great” but that “Allah is Greater”. Greater than all the other idols, that is.

        6. Do you realize that you told “cmeegan 69” – ‘..doesn’t give you the right to express your un thought opinions to any one!..’ (and) then, right below that you wrote: ‘..“Freedom of speech”!..’

        – – –

        What an ignorant, brainwashed, uneducated, indoctrinated Muslim.

        – – –

        s/m @ sharia unveiled

        Liked by 1 person

      • stop giving Jesus peace ok..He gives peace..search yourselves properly and ask God whether you are in the right rather than getting back at people..and in the case of the 9yrs old girl can u allow your sister to marry @ those age?


    • Hi Ibrahim, or any Muslim care to answer or justify the logic behind muslim murdering muslim in the streets, in front of children and in some cases forcing and teaching children to commit murder and doing so in front of the family members which are being murdered.

      Far more muslims have been murdered by muslims that the NATO forces, yet we don’t hear anyone speaking out from the muslims, BUT THEY SEEM VERY VOCAL when speaking out against Israel.


    • the problem is Muhammad did all the things described and Jesus ;also did alll the things described. You simply do not like the truth, if you did it would set you free from your false religion based on many unholy things. Muhammad was a General and a mass murderer. A slaver, a rapist and an unholy disgrace. At the judgement day you will be Kneeling and confessing Jesus as the literal Son of God.


    • Ibrahim: How can you “love and respect” both men when they are polar opposites? Tell me how that works. Also, I do not see anything in Islam that would indicate that Jesus was a “beloved” anything to Muslims.


    • How can you expect any respect when you praise a violence provoking, child raping, pervert such as muhammad. Muhammad name should not even be in the same sentence with Jesus.


    • Muslims are devil worshipers and Muhammad is their child-molesting, illiterate, epileptic, tongue sucking faggot prophet.. Oh and PISS BE UPON HIM.. preferably Pig piss..


  2. As a Christian, I feel that this site does not portray Jesus’ message nor love. What about:
    “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbour and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” Matthew 5:45-55
    “Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse.” Romans 12:14

    I see only hate on this site.

    Liked by 1 person

    • re: Sryzr;

      If “you” were truly a Christian, as you claim..then you would see the truth so clearly before your eyes.

      My discernment tells me..that “you” are either blind or being disingenuous in your claim.

      Peace be with you..

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • What truth that is so clearly before my eyes? I see the truth of Jesus dining with tax collectors and sinners. A man who washed the feet of his own disciples. I see him being the sacrificial servant, who forgave sins by giving his own life.

        Instead of hating those who do do wrong, or do not agree with you, try loving them instead, for that is what Jesus did. Hate the sin, love the sinner.

        Christ died to save sinners. Once they come to Christ, they can slowly begin the process of turning their life around. They must first be called to God, and then become purified – not the other way round.


    • A Christian

      Scripture tells us to speak the truth always. The Bible says God is love. When Jesus called the Pharisees “hypocrites” in Matthew 15:7 was He not love in that moment? We as Christians must shine the light of Jesus Christ in ALL dark places. The abuse of men, women and children is such a dark place. We must speak out against such things, using the Word of God to show those who are participants, believers of such actions the truth and error of their ways. There are no passive Christians. We are to teach others about Christ. We are to go where they are in order to do this. The owner of this site is shining the light on the dark deeds of Islam. Pointing out the truth is not hate. It is simply the truth.


      • re: Christian;

        Thank you so much for your message of truth and for the complimentary acknowledgement.

        May His peace and love be with you and your loved ones always.

        – – –

        j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


  3. If you were truly a Christian? Sharia, you may be the blind one. Start choosing your words carefully. We as Christians are in the right but need to watch that our message is not diluted by ill conceived words.


    • re: timhund;

      First of all, I do NOT profess to be a “Christian.”

      Secondly, on an honest. unbiased comparative analysis of the “Teachings of Jesus v. Muhammad” the guest “Sryzr” made the false accusation to me that..

      ‘..I see only hate on this site…’

      I have absolutely no hate in my heart. “0” I do not permit it’s entry.

      My heart is “only” a place for my Lord thy G-d’s love, His truth and His righteousness.

      There is ABSOLUTELY NO HATE on this site. I ONLY report the truth.

      Any “true Christian” would have the proper discernment to see this. Any true Christian would know a messenger of our Lord thy G-d, not only by sight but in spirit.

      I stand by my prior comment.

      And trust me, “I” do NOT choose my words..but rather, they are chosen for me.

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • I am sorry that I mistook you for being a Christian. In that case, I have no right to ask you to align yourself with teachings of the Bible. That said, I still pray that you will know the truth. If you would like to talk to me about Christianity, feel free to email me.

        God Bless


      • re: Sryzer;

        I’m not sure as to what you have “mistaken” but I most certainly believe every word of the Holy Bible. After all, the Holy Bible is a re-writing of of Torah and Brit Chadasha. (The original Hebrew Jewish Texts).

        The Holy Bible is a “re-written” translation in Greek. (Not the original).

        See, I have transcended above the limitations of a “title” such as “Christian.”

        I am a follower of the one Lord thy G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, just as was instructed for “ALL” of mankind.

        I do NOT “pick n choose” scriptures to conform to my argument, but rather “I” conform to the scripture.

        I do NOT merely believe 1/2 of the book I profess to follow, but rather I believe it “ALL.”

        ‘..Believe it all or believe it none..’ (I think you will find that at the end of Revelations.)

        “MY” history and my people are NOT born of the year “0” but rather, 6,000 years earlier…

        I suspect your’s are to. I hope you remember that.

        – – –

        Also, I apologize for questioning your faith. There are a lot of people who come on here “pretending” to be something they are not.

        99% of the time, those people say ‘..this site is full of hate..’ (Just like you said)

        Maybe they are right..after all, it’s full of Islam. 🙂

        But there is no hate in my heart. I can assure you of that.

        I naturally doubt any self-professed believer who cannot see so clearly that Islam is the enemy and willingly fights it with every fiber of their being.

        And I will never pretend to be something I am not.

        At the end of the day though, “your” faith is between “you” and your Lord thy G-d..and no one else.

        – – –

        And thank you for the invite. I just may write you in the near future.


        – – –

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • I am a Christian, and you are telling the truth about what Islam is all about. Showing the love of Jesus does not mean that you tone down the truth about the evil that will take these Muslims straight to hell. The only hate I see on this site is the hate filled teachings of Islam. which both Sryzr and Timhund should be concerned with. Your discernment is 100% accurate, your not blind your wide awake! Every time you nail the truth with Muslims they change and twist the subject off of Islam and themselves…and put it on the person who is exposing them…Keep up the good work


      • re: Islam4dummies;

        Sandy, you make me feel so good. Thank you.

        I am so happy and blessed that “you” are able to see the truth.

        You are now officially one of my favorite people. 🙂

        I sure hope you stay here with us..

        May the peace and love of our Lord thy G-d embrace you and all of your loved ones always.


        – – –

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


  4. hi, just a topic to think about……
    the muslim world is waiting for the Mahdi to appear and the Bible tells about an antichrist to appear in the last days. Did you know that the characteristics of the the Mahdi in the Quran and the characteristics of the antichrist in the Bible are the same.
    How many of you think that the Antichrist is going to rise from the middleeast and that he is going to be a Muslim….

    Liked by 1 person

    • re: denis;

      I’m not sure if you are aware of just how right you are. You are absolutely, 100% correct!

      I have written on that very subject. Comparative study of Islamic Eschatology and Judaic Eschatology coincide perfectly.

      There are many of us “believers” that have received independent revelations of truth and wisdom confirming this very subject.

      According to the prophecies within: Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel and Revelations..I believe the following 100%:

      ISLAM = The Beast

      Allah = Satan

      Muhammad = The False Prophet

      The Mahdi aka. the 12th Imam = The AntiChrist

      Muslims = The Army of the AntiChrist

      The Khilafah (Caliphate) = The 7 year period of rule under the Mahdi (AntiChrist)

      al-Aqsa Mosque on Temple Mount = The Abomination of Desolation


      Please watch this video when you are able and let me know what you think…

      (This video’s context is based solely on Islamic Eschatology)


      – – –

      Please stay in touch with me Denis.

      May the peace of our Lord be with you always..

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

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  5. Such an informative site. Thank you for this. Keep spreading the Good News! As James tells us “be doers of the Word, not hearers only.”


      • Appreciate this site…it is so informative… Keep it up. Oh goodness!because of this one crazy fella called muhammad…the world is like a jigsaw puzzle. But our biggest hope and saviour is alive ‘JESUS’.

        In His love,


    • re: Z;

      Thank you for thanking me.. but, if you would.. just please take a moment to ‘..thank HIM..’

      HE is the reason for this site.

      In all honesty, it was not (and still is not) my personal desire to have this site.

      This site exists because HE told me it was needed and that “I” was the one to do it.

      So, my desire is to be obedient to HIS calling…

      And ‘that’ is why this site exists.

      He showed me the finished site in a vision.

      Would you believe.. three years ago ‘this coming Monday’ was the day I received the vision?

      I knew absolutely nothing about ‘websites.’

      I was given the vision on Friday, 17Feb.2012.

      So, I began to study.. ‘..How to build a website..’

      The next day, (Saturday, 18Feb.2012) I began to build the site.

      And on the third day… (Sunday, 19Feb. 2012) I published my very FIRST article. 🙂

      Glory be to Our Lord thy G-d.

      Thank you for taking the time to write me..

      I hope you stay with us. And please, do not keep the truth to yourself.

      Please share it.

      May HIS love always be your canopy..

      – – –

      His Servant and Soldier,

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  6. “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me” (Revelation 3:20)


  7. Wow…”you” are ALL such fools and sheep!!
    Shame that “you” will never know how wrong “you” all are on the “final day”…because “you” will be, simply, dead!!
    Quit arguing about your useless religions and go experience LIFE…it’s all you have, it’s all you get


    • re: killer the rand;

      Ugh..please spare me the atheistic rhetoric and unprovoked attacks on people of faith.

      Were either myself (or) any of ‘our’ readers coming to “your” site, fb page etc. attacking ‘you’ and your beliefs (or a lack thereof)?


      And why?

      Because we are not ignorant, intolerant, disrespectful fools…like you.

      Tell me Einstein.. does “love” exist?

      If “yes” then prove it!



      jsm @ sharia unveiled


  8. Ibrahim, youre ”prophet” Mohammed was a pedofile-(Aïsja bint Abu Bakr childmariage), mass murder-(jihad), liar-(takiyya) and so on…
    And you want to follow this ”prophet”?


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