The War Room


8 comments on “The War Room

  1. God help us if we in the West dont help to end the suffering of mankind under this Devil religion called Islam. We must all do our utmost to make sure that we dont suffer the same fate as which has befallen most of Europe. The rise of Islam is the rise of the Beast as we know it to mean ‘Evil’ and it has always been our job in the free world to fight for those enslaved by this demi-god running amok on the fact of Gods beautiful green earth. Godspeed be with us.


    • Apparently you haven’t read the Oracle of God the Holy Bible or you don’t believe, or comprehend what you read. I am a Christian: And in strict accordance with the Oracle of God the Holy Bible Babylon is rising. All need to come to realize this. Nothing you I or anyone can do to stop it. It is better therefore to understand it and teach our children well the Gospel truths so that when the son of Jareb, Mahershalalhashbaz sits upon the throne in Israel and declares himself God they be not deceived.

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    • I have no religious beliefs, but I know what’s right. This was once, as the hymn says, a green and pleasant land. It is still green but not pleasant.
      Give these people what they wish, to meet their god sooner than later


  2. We need to pray and fast because we do not fight against people but against evil spirits be like Daniel and pray pray pray end pray and bind the devil so the Angels can clean the hell up.


    • re: Bullright;

      That’s a great point. Additionally, “if” Saudi Arabia issued a fat’wa on child-rape, forced marriage, honor killing, polygamy, stoning, persecution of other faiths, etc.. it could make a difference to..

      Unfortunately, all of these things are the foundation stones of Islam.

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

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